A Romanian Poem (2022)

A Romanian Poem is the compendium of a psychological process: the poems that make up this collection—melancholic and witty, romantic and surreal—are musings on the divine nature of the relationship between growing up and growing old. Angels announce their apparition in a scenery of post-communist transcendentalism, interweaving with personal references and individual memory. A triptych, this book begins with “Tristia”—exploring displacement and the discomfort of the necessarily personal space between East and West—is interrupted by “Peregrinations”—a series of long narrative poems nodding to the tradition of English pilgrim poetry—and culminates with “Nostos”, a denouement and an explosion of feelingas the poet returns to her Arcadia.

Across The Nile-Green Sky (2022)

This brief collection began as an imaginative dialogue with several figures of the early 20th century: most evidently Debussy, who is directly responsible for the structure and premise of the work, but the presences of Nijinsky, Valentino, Caruso (enigmatic figures whose descendent this poetic narrator found herself) played their individual parts in my mission to unravel nostalgia in its various forms – for things lived and unlived. Taking up the dandy persona as a woman and interacting with these male creators gives the poems an eccentric, ludic note.

Calendars (2022)

In Calendars Andreea Iulia Scridon presents a lyrically seductive engagement with Fitzgerald’s “little green light”. Her poetry explores the perils of heartbreak, generational narcissism and a playful, uncertain, sexuality. She writes with timeless style and a delicious sense of irony. Her intimate, jagged poems are by equal measure tender and severe, marking an exciting forward step in the development of a future star.

Unicornucopia (2022)

A poetic mini-book set in Paris and inspired by the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries.


‘A Part of Me’ in Ethel Zine.

‘Nicotiana alata’ in 2019 Issue 2 of Harana Poetry.

‘Moonstone’ in the 28th Issue of E Ratio Postmodern Poetry Journal.

‘Three Poems’ in the 29th Issue ofE Ratio Postmodern Poetry Journal.

‘Glossa’ in WildCourt.

Two Poems in Apofenie.

‘Romanian’ in The Oxford Review of Books.


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