Review: ‘Benjamin Fondane: The Existential Ulysses’

An event about Benjamin Fondane, poet and existentialist philosopher, was held in honor of the Romanian Cultural Institute’s tenth participation at the London Book Fair. Panelists included Professor Mircea Martin of the Faculty of Letters of Bucharest, Ramona Fotiade, lecturer of French at the University of Glasgow, Nicholas Lezard, star journalist for The Guardian, and … Continue reading Review: ‘Benjamin Fondane: The Existential Ulysses’

’The Olive Tree’: 2016

Simply put, El Olívo’ is about a granddaughter’s love for her grandfather. It is a reminder that modern materialism keeps us in shackles,  and that we must try to get to the heart of the world’s magic by recalling our past, our history, our childhood. I whisper this to myself, when I can get away from … Continue reading ’The Olive Tree’: 2016

Travel (or rather thought) Diaries: Wales

A weekend spent in Wales in the middle of January.  Awakening at 5 AM can only be justified by the pursuit of youthful nomadism. In the excessively matinal hour, long expanses of British land resembled Shetland sweaters sprinkled with sugar, viewed for hours on end through a train window. Quickly moving, the sky blushed baby-bedroom … Continue reading Travel (or rather thought) Diaries: Wales

Book review:Angel Dust by Cristina Muresan

Cristina Muresan’s Angel Dust is a collection of poems and short stories published in 2015. It is her first book. Cristina’s poems are often written with simplicity reminiscent of naive art. “Search for Beauty”, a poem seemingly inspired by Lord Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty” possesses this quality, as do “Spring” and “Heart and Soul”, which are … Continue reading Book review:Angel Dust by Cristina Muresan

Souvenir de Florence

?Music is a bodily experience, even when light: a bullet, champagne filled, splattters throughout the sternum, makes its way through the arms  – presumably it is its access through the cranium that commands the feet to move in something resembling Saint Vitus’s dance. Why do we desire to compare music to nature? If I’d have … Continue reading Souvenir de Florence